What we do

Using cutting-edge software, we make bespoke technology solutions that complement your business model. For example, websites that sell your services, apps that improve your workflow, or marketing materials that promote your products.

  • Web app
    Responsive websites and web apps

    In today’s digital world, your website is an ambassador, salesperson and help desk for your business. It plays an important role in how people see your company, and it can turn casual interest from visitors into profits. But how can we make sure your website does its job effectively?

    The solution is to relate everything to the end user. We take a structured approach to web design, incorporating UX (User Experience) testing to analyse and refine our work along the way. The result is a website that looks cool, feels great, and gives your visitors the help they need to become customers.

  • Mobile app
    Mobile App

    Everyone loves a good mobile app – they make your life easier, and they help you to do things you enjoy. Consumers now spend more time on their mobiles than they do watching TV, and 89% of it is spent using apps.

    Why not take advantage of this trend, with a sophisticated app that lets you interact with customers and colleagues in new ways? With our design and UX skills, we’ll create an awesome-looking app that plays a unique role in your workflow. And with our technical wizardry, we’ll make sure it syncs perfectly with your website or e-commerce systems.

  • E-Commerce
    E-commerce businesses and platforms

    Moving or starting a business online is a challenge. Your customers want an easy, enjoyable shopping experience – and one that relates to the way they shop offline. We can help you build the foundations of a successful web enterprise, by getting to know your target audience first. We’ll then custom-make an e-commerce platform that serves their specific shopping needs.

    Payment systems are always a vital component to e-commerce, and our designs are compatible with a number of popular services. We’ll plan the platform closely with you, ensuring the end product minimises admin and helps your business run smoothly.

  • Prototyping
    Prototype technology products (MVP’s)

    If you’re building a startup, you probably don’t want to pour resources into an idea before you know that people will want it. The smartest process for building a product is one where you get feedback at every step of the way.

    We can help you test and refine your ideas by creating a prototype model, a.k.a the Minimum Viable Product. The MVP is a version of your product that is not finished, but is functional enough for you to show to users and investors. In the long run, this ensures that you don’t put all your resources in an idea until you know people are going to like it.

How we do it

Take a pinch of creativity – the kind you would expect from a young, ambitious startup.
Add the professional business ethic that you would find in a large IT company. Sprinkle with up-to-date computer wizardry.

The result is a technology team that assesses your unique situation and creates you a bespoke business tool. We research, create, test and improve our work to perfection, serving up a finished product that delights you. 


Who are we

Based in London, we’re a small but hard-working team of ambitious tech-heads. Our diverse cultural and academic backgrounds enable us to challenge, support and inform each other on a daily basis.

Skill-wise, our team includes web developers, data crunchers, technical advisors, database application specialists, and coffee ninjas.

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Why choose us?

Your project is our priority

We only take on a limited amount of jobs so we can give due care and attention to yours.

We focus on quality and craftsmanship

We aim to deliver genuine return on your investment. 

We’re a young, creative, fledgling company

We’ve got great ideas, and we’re eager to prove ourselves by going the extra mile for you.

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